Processing the Trauma of Sexual Assault and Abuse Through Creativity

Artists, Poets, Musicians, Friends and Family Come Together for an Intimate Event

GLENDALE, Calif. – On Friday, April 29, in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness month, Boucher LLP presented The Art of Healing, a one-night-only art exhibit of pieces created by survivors of sexual assault and abuse and their family members, accompanied by poetry, spoken word, music, and dance.

Many survivors turn to art to help them process their trauma: establishing safety, retelling the story of the traumatic event, and reconnecting with others. Raymond P. Boucher, the founder of Boucher LLP, has specialized in supporting survivors through the civil court process, and he plans to make the event annual, keeping it free and open to the public, while potentially expanding and adding a charitable component in future years.

All of the visual art at the event was created by survivors and their family members, and many of the paintings were done by Vinnie Nauheimer, who became an activist about clergy abuse after a family friend and pastor abused his young son. Vinnie curated much of the rest of the exhibit, which also included art by Adam Samec, a young man who later committed suicide, demonstrating one of the terrible consequences of sexual assault and abuse.

Other highlights included a poetry reading by internationally famous poet Dr. Gina Loring – who was a creative ambassador to the American embassy during the Obama administration, a fire dance by Ciana Lee, a spoken word performance by Tyesa Harvey, and musical performance by Demetri Mack.