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Sexual harassment can occur anywhere. It can occur at your workplace, school, church, or while seeking housing or healthcare. If you or a loved one has experienced sexual harassment and wants to seek legal action, Boucher LLP is here to help.

As an experienced sexual harassment lawyer in California, firm founder, Attorney Raymond Boucher has helped obtain over $3 billion in verdicts and settlements for his clients.

Anyone negatively affected by the sexual harassment may have a claim. This includes the person directly subjected to the harassment, witnesses, and those trying to help.

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What Is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination prohibited by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

It is also unlawful under California law and Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) regulations. Sexual harassment includes verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature that is primarily designed to demean and intimidate. 

The law defines two types of sexual harassment. The first, known as “quid pro quo” or “something for something,” occurs when a person requires another to submit to sexual advances in exchange for something else, like a workplace benefit, promotion, or raise.

California Sexual Harassment Attorney for Survivors

The second occurs when the harassment creates a “hostile environment.” A hostile environment exists when the harassment is so pervasive and severe that it creates an abusive environment. 

Sexual harassment can be unlawful even if it is not motivated by sexual desire. A harasser is more likely to have domination, control, and abuse of power as a motivation.

Therefore, a person is likely to experience sexual harassment in situations that create a power differential between two people.

People who commonly use their power to sexually harass others include:

  • Employers and supervisors (direct or indirect);
  • Teachers, college professors, or school administrators;
  • Clergy members of any faith; and
  • Housing providers and managers.

Sexual harassment laws are also gender-neutral—the harasser can be a man or a woman, and the victim does not have to be of the opposite sex. Anyone affected by a hostile environment caused by sexual harassment can make a claim, even if they were not the direct target of the harassment.

How Can a Sexual Harassment Attorney in California Help? 

California sexual harassment attorney

The first thing you should do when you experience sexual harassment is to inform someone at the organization about this harassment. You may tell your supervisor, HR department, or the harasser’s manager.

Under the law, employers must have an anti-harassment policy and respond to your complaint. Next, you should file a complaint with DFEH or request a “right to sue.” Then, contact an experienced California sexual harassment lawyer. 

Your lawyer will help you start to collect evidence to support your claim. Evidence can include your harasser’s name and contact information, the specific facts and records about the harassment, and any witnesses’ names and contact information.

Your attorney will also help you document your damages. They’ll investigate whom to sue, whether it is a school, diocese, or employer.

You shouldn’t wait to start working on your claim. DFEH only takes complaints filed within three years after the harassment occurs. Additionally, you must file a lawsuit within one year of receiving your “right to sue” notice.

However, if you experienced childhood sexual assault, you must report the assault before you are 40 years old or within five years of discovering a psychological illness or injury.

Why Take Legal Action?

When you sue someone who harassed you, you can recover financial compensation for the harm their harassment caused.

Your California sexual harassment attorney can help you recover any costs you incurred because of the harassment. You can receive compensation for economic damages such as medical care, including therapy and psychological testing, lost earnings, or lost profits. You may also recover the non-economic costs of physical pain, mental suffering, or emotional distress.

Consider the costs of the invasion of your bodily integrity and any resulting disability, impaired enjoyment of life, or susceptibility to future harm or injury. When someone’s unwanted sexual comments occur, you can experience stress, abuse, or trauma at the time of the harassment and for years after. You deserve to be compensated for that harm, and the best way is to contact Boucher LLP, a sexual harassment lawyer in California.

Taking legal action can not only secure financial compensation for your losses. When you report sexual harassment, you can help others. Although winning a sexual harassment lawsuit can only result in civil penalties, the lawsuit forces the harasser out into the open. It exposes their actions in front of a jury. Your courage to speak out can prevent further harassment and empower others to stand up for themselves.

Finally, those charged with sexual harassment often face other negative consequences, such as discipline at their job.

Should I Take My Harasser to Court?

Yes. Having the courage to take legal action will help you and others. With the help of a sexual harassment lawyer, California law allows you to recover economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages are actual costs you incurred such as medical and psychological care, lost earnings, and lost profits. 

Noneconomic damages are compensation for the emotional turmoil you experienced. This type of compensation recognizes that sexual harassment can cause emotional distress, post-traumatic stress, and ongoing mental suffering.

By pursuing a lawsuit, your California sexual harassment attorney will also help you expose what your harasser did in public. This is beneficial for several reasons.

First, it makes the harassment stop. Second, it protects others that person would have harassed in the future. Finally, it makes it difficult for the company, diocese, school, or entity that employed the harasser accountable for allowing the harassment to go on and keeps them from sweeping the matter under the rug.

Hopefully, in turn, the harasser will also have to face consequences at work for the wrongful conduct. 

Just as importantly, your courage in seeking justice may empower others who have been sexually harassed to stand up for themselves.

Why Choose Boucher LLP: Your California Sexual Harassment Lawyers

At Boucher LLP, we are experienced workplace sexual harassment lawyers in California. We understand how devastating sexual harassment can be. Everyone deserves a safe environment at their workplace, home, church, or school. If a supervisor, home provider, clergy member, or professor harassed you, they’ve committed unlawful behavior.

Still, it can be understandably difficult to speak out against a harasser, especially if it is someone in a position of power. Fortunately, we’ve dedicated our practice to bringing wrongdoers to justice and securing compensation for those they’ve injured. We have successfully recovered more than $533 million for our clients in the last four years alone.

Often in sexual harassment cases, it’s one person’s word against another. We aren’t afraid to take on cases that are difficult to prove. Instead, we pride ourselves on our high level of expertise in complex civil cases. When it’s time to get justice for your sexual harassment, contact an award-winning, court-tested attorney at Boucher LLP.

A sexual harassment lawyer in California will meet you with compassion while we work to build your case. Our firm offers meticulous preparation and tenacious, relentless representation, as well as highly individualized and compassionate service.

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