California Clothing Burn Injury Attorneys

At Boucher LLP, our attorneys work hard to hold manufacturers and other businesses liable for burn injuries caused by flammable clothing and recover the maximum compensation for burn victims.

Manufacturers’ use of dangerously flammable fiber blends or other clothing defects can result in catastrophic burn injuries that could have been avoided by using safer materials or additional product testing. Unreasonably flammable products may ignite easily, burn quickly, and in some cases even melt and adhere to the skin. The resulting burns are excruciatingly painful and may, unfortunately, have a lifelong impact. Survivors of clothing burn injuries often must fight against infection and disease, may experience decreased mobility, and may even have trouble breathing. In addition, burn injury survivors may be left with highly visible scars that can cause enduring emotional distress and require future surgeries and related medical expenses.

The experienced attorneys at Boucher LLP have the extensive expertise required to investigate the facts and work with experts to provide proper documentation and evidence to prove liability.

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