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As technology and the internet have become ubiquitous, consumers remain entitled to protection of their sensitive data, and Boucher LLP is committed to ensuring respect for privacy and corporate adherence to security measures to protect against identity theft.

In this digital age, we increasingly rely upon digital tools to carry on everyday activities and relationships. As a result, social media companies, the creators of online applications, and cloud computing providers possess highly sensitive data about our lives and identities. We trust these providers with our information, but in reality, opportunities to exploit our information for profit are unprecedented, and show no signs of abating.

Additionally, companies that possess substantial data on our daily lives, including our banking, healthcare, and social activities, are constantly vulnerable to attacks from those seeking sensitive data for financial or political gain. Experts agree that corporations must constantly work to keep up with technology to properly secure personal and employee information against these attacks. In reality, data breaches happen every day due to companies’ failures to sufficiently protect against hackers and other data leaks.

When these businesses fail to sufficiently protect our information, breaches may lead to serious privacy violations and a very real risk of identity theft. The attorneys at Boucher LLP have the legal expertise to protect clients’ rights to privacy when clients’ information is compromised, stolen, or misused.

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