Raymond P. Boucher

Product Liability, Auto Defects

Boucher LLP has represented injured consumers against some of the largest product and automotive manufacturing companies. Our team has the resources and experience to identify the product defect, prove that the defect caused our clients’ injuries, and ensure that the responsible parties are held to account for the damage.

Manufacturers and distributors of products owe a duty to ensure the safety of the products they create, sell, or distribute. Companies breach this duty when they create a product that is dangerous because of its design, a manufacturing defect, or a lack of sufficient warnings. When manufacturers breach this duty and cause harm, the burden should not fall to the injured consumers. Instead, victims need skilled representation to hold these companies responsible for the injuries caused by these dangerous products, which may require extensive medical treatment and cause loss of income.

Our attorneys will aggressively work to hold the companies involved in the manufacture and sale of defective automobiles and other products accountable for their dangerous products.

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