There have been many priests accused of abuse in Orange County, many of whom work under the Diocese of Orange County. The list below represents the ten most frequently reported perpetrators and the total number of accusations against them. While many of these priests haven’t admitted abuse, the allegations should be taken seriously.

Unfortunately, many cases of abuse don’t come to light until years after they occur. As a result, survivors sometimes file after the statute of limitations expires, giving them few legal options. Even if they have strong evidence, authorities may refuse to investigate it. This means that many priests continue to hold positions within their faith communities despite any allegations.

NameNumber of Reported Cases
Eleuterio Ramos13
Michael Harris9
Siegfried F. Widera9
Andrew Christian Andersen5+
Richard T. Coughlin5
Greg Atherton4
Dennis Lyons4
Dominic Savino4
Franklin Buckman4
John Peter Lenihan2

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