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At Boucher LLP, our law firm is committed to helping clients recover compensation from the manufacture of defective medical devices and harmful pharmaceuticals that injure patients. Our team has the experience and skill to hold companies accountable for these dangerous products and the catastrophic harm they can cause.

Too often, a manufacturer rushes a product to market without adequate testing, knowing that its product may be defective or dangerous. Unscrupulous companies find shortcuts and loopholes through FDA regulations and other rules to bring their products to the market, risking the safety of the very patients that these devices promised to heal. In many instances, serious injury or death results from the use of such products, and the harm could have been avoided with further safeguards. A medical device or pharmaceutical drug may be unsafe due to its flawed design, a manufacturing error, or the failure to provide adequate warnings of its dangers.

Injured victims are often burdened with costly medical bills, lengthy disabilities, long recovery times and lost income. In some cases, victims must endure intensive treatment regimens, multiple surgeries, and rehabilitation, and may be left with permanent disabilities and reduced earning capabilities.

Litigation over faulty medical devices and pharmaceuticals is notoriously complex and requires an experienced legal team. Our attorneys have extensive expertise in holding product manufacturers and others involved in the manufacture and sale of defective products accountable for victims’ injuries.

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