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For several large-scale corporations, the pursuit of profitability may sadly prevail over the interests of its employees, consumers, or citizens. Behemoth companies with deep pockets and armies of attorneys are skilled at silencing wronged individuals who seek legal action against them. However, when many individuals have suffered similar injuries, together, the collective voice of justice can be too loud to be stifled. This is why class action lawsuits have enormous power. 

Civil class action lawyers at Boucher LLP have extensive experience handling large, complex cases with numerous plaintiffs. Collectively, our litigation experience covers a wide range of areas, including defective products, consumer fraud, employee rights, and privacy violations. We have faced up against some of the largest corporations and successfully secured justice for our clients. Together, we can continue to hold these institutions accountable and make a significant positive impact on our society.

What Are Class Action Lawsuits?

When one or more individuals, referred to as the “class representatives,” bring a lawsuit on behalf of a larger group, or “class,” of individuals who have suffered similar harms, the actions are consolidated and presented to a single judge. This collective claim is what is called a “class action lawsuit.” Upon resolution, each member shares in the settlement.  

There is strength in numbers when going up against the resources of a larger organization. When threatened by a high-profile class action, the pressure compels companies to resolve the case and avoid significant damage to their reputation. Thus, a class action can be a more effective means of preventing further injury and securing recovery for the plaintiffs.

How Class Action Lawsuits Work

Before the class action begins, the court must certify the class of plaintiffs. To qualify as a class, it must have a sufficient number of plaintiffs with similar grievances, and the named plaintiff must represent the class members’ interests. Because there are a large number of claims at issue, not everyone in the class will testify. Instead, the named plaintiffs and their attorneys will testify and present evidence on behalf of the class. With Boucher LLP, your California class action attorney will manage the class certification process so you can feel confident that your interests are being protected.

Types of Class Action Lawsuits in California

Class action lawsuits happen in areas where a sizeable group of people are likely to be affected by similar harm, including:

Regardless of the legal area, a class action lawsuit can redress wrongs done to a large group of people. Class action lawsuits simplify the legal process in situations where an individual suit for each complainant would be inefficient or impractical. 

Starting a Class Action Lawsuit in California

The first step to filing a class action lawsuit is to contact a class action lawsuit attorney in California. When you call Boucher LLP, a California class action lawyer will listen to your situation and discuss your options. If your attorney believes you have a successful class action claim, they will draft a class action complaint to start your class action case. The complaint specifies your injury and financial loss and the compensation you seek. 

Once the court certifies the class, the attorneys will send a notice of the case to potential class members. In most cases, class action lawsuits are “opt-out,” meaning that a potential complainant can choose to pursue their individual claim outside of the class action. In this case, the member typically believes they have a unique injury and they will therefore forgo the collective recovery. Instead, with the help of their individual attorney, they will seek to procure their own damages. 

As the case progresses, your California class action lawyer will investigate the defendant’s misconduct to assess the level of damages. Whether you suffered financial loss or personal injury, your attorney will argue your case to the jury to maximize compensation.

Requirements for Class Actions in California 

Class action lawsuits are filed by “named plaintiffs” who represent the class. Thus, rules exist to ensure that the named plaintiffs represent class members’ interests. Depending on the violation in question, state or federal laws may apply. 

California Code of Civil Procedure Section 382 requires:

  • A question of common or general interest shared by many people or numerous parties, and
  • Individual suits to be impracticable.

Federal class actions (for example, Consumer Credit Protection Act violations) must meet the rule 23(a) prerequisites:

  • Numerosity—the general rule is more than 40 members.
  • Commonality—the lawsuit must provide similar answers to the class’s questions.
  • Typicality—the class representatives’ claims and defenses are typical of the class members.
  • Adequacy—the class representatives must have no significant conflicts of interest with the class members.

As experienced class action lawyers in California, we will help you determine if your claim might qualify as a class action.

Benefits of the CA Class Action Lawsuit 

There are many benefits to filing a class action lawsuit. The ability of many claimants to band together as a class provides strength to fight large organizations. Similarly, the class action lawsuit makes it financially prudent for individuals to claim small amounts of money.

The class action suit also has a few downsides. If the case is unsuccessful, you forfeit the opportunity to bring your own lawsuit. Likewise, you can’t reject a settlement offer after the class representatives accept it.

When you meet with us, our California class action attorneys will discuss the pros and cons based on your situation.

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