There are several priests within the Archdiocese of San Francisco who are accused of sexual abuse. While many of these abuses happened prior to 1990, many occurred more recently.

The list below represents ten priests accused of abuse in San Francisco by the number of suspected and reported cases. While many of these priests deny the allegations against them, others have admitted to abusing minors in the past.

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Since many survivors don’t report the abuse until adulthood, the statute of limitations frequently expires. This often makes it difficult, if not impossible, to press charges.

Currently, California’s statute of limitations gives adult survivors of sexual abuse 10 years to bring a claim.

However, minor survivors now have more time to report their San Francisco priest’s abuse, with the statute of limitations lasting until their 40th birthday.

NameNumber of Reported Cases
Robert M. Van Handel150
Austin Peter Keegan80
Salvatore Billante25
Patrick J. O’Shea9
Roberto Bravo6
Epiphanius Lewis5+
Richard P. Presenti5
Gregory G. Ingels2+
Daniel E. Carter2
Robert Ponciroli2

Unfortunately, there are potentially other survivors who haven’t come forward yet due to fear or shame. At Boucher LLP, our attorneys are here for you. If you know someone who was abused by any Archdiocese of San Francisco priests, contact us.

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Abusers and the institutions that enable them should be held accountable for their actions.

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