Resources for Sexual Assault Survivors in Los Angeles

If you or someone you know has been impacted by sexual assault, you do not have to suffer in silence. Resources for sexual assault survivors in Los Angeles exist to provide non-judgmental support and guidance through this difficult time. These sexual assault resources consist of staff and volunteers with a passion for survivor advocacy and emotional connection. 

Los Angeles Sexual Assault Response Team Centers

A sexual assault response team (SART) is a multi-disciplinary inter-agency sexual assault intervention model comprised of public and private agencies in the Los Angeles area. There are other SART centers across California that belong to their own local network. They may include sexual assault survivor advocates, law enforcement, hospital personnel, legal resources, professionals with an interest in assisting those who have chosen to share their stories, and other resources for survivors of sexual abuse. 

SART is not the forensic medical exam team, although these terms are sometimes used interchangeably in publications, local brochures, and operational documents. The following is a list of some of the SART resources in Los Angeles. Boucher LLP is not associated with any of the following organizations. As with any important action, make informed decisions that you feel are best for you after conducting your own research. 

East Los Angeles Women’s Center

Through a holistic, trauma-informed approach, the East Los Angeles Women’s Center provides resources like core intervention, housing services, youth support, and more. Advocates are available to speak 24 hours a day in Spanish or English.

  • 800-585-6231 (Spanish available)

Peace Over Violence

Peace Over Violence is a relationship violence prevention center headquartered in Los Angeles that is committed to social service, change, and justice. It provides support for sexual assault survivors and case management services 24 hours a day. Spanish-speaking staff is available. 

  • 213-626-3393 – Los Angeles –  (Spanish available)
  • 310-392-8381 – West Los Angeles Area
  • 626-793-3385 – San Gabriel Valley

Project Sister Family Service

This organization offers support to survivors of sexual abuse, including resources for child sexual abuse in the form of counseling, therapy, support groups, crisis management, and other resources. To meet the needs of the community, it also has dedicated walk-in hours for in-person support services. 

  • Pomona Valley & San Gabriel Valley – 909-623-1619 OR 626-915-2535
  • 24-hour Rape Crisis Hotline – 909-626-4357 (Spanish available)
  • 24-hour Child Abuse Hotline – 626-966-4155

Rape Treatment Center, Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center

This rape treatment center is dedicated to serving the Latino population with crisis intervention, prevention, and health resources 24 hours a day. 

  • 310-319-4000 (Spanish available)

Center For The Pacific Asian Family, Inc

This organization has a multilingual helpline with trained advocates. Languages include Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese, and more. Advocates can provide immediate crisis intervention, safety planning, and emotional support for survivors, along with referrals to appropriate resources in the community.

  • 800-339-3940 

Strength United

Family services are a strong focus for this organization. They provide sexual assault and domestic violence advocacy and counseling as well as survivor resources, adoption and child mistreatment support, and more.

  • 818-787-9700 (Spanish available)
  • 818-886-0453 – San Fernando Valley
  • 661-253-0258 – Santa Clarita Valley

Valley Oasis

Valley Oasis hosts a 60-day emergency shelter to help those in need as well as sexual abuse response services and children’s services such as resources for child sexual abuse. This community-based organization is dedicated to eliminating social and domestic violence and homelessness through community awareness, intervention, prevention, safe shelter, and supportive services.

  • 661-949-6143 – Sexual Assault Responses Services 
  • 661-723-RAPE (7273) – Antelope Valley

Violence Intervention Program

The adult-focused sexual assault center is equipped to provide rapid, in-depth support tailored to each abuse situation. Trained staff and physicians supply resources and dedicated care, which includes sexual assault assessment and exams and Safe Center resources for collegiate sexual assault survivors. 

  • 323-221-4134 – Mental Health Center
  • 323-409-3800 – Child Abuse Assessment Clinic
  • 323-409-3800 – Sexual Assault Center
  • 323-226-1470 – Elder Abuse Forensic Center

YWCA Greater Los Angeles Sexual Assault Crisis Services 

YWCA provides sexual assault services to survivors. It also offers volunteer opportunities for people in Compton and the surrounding communities.

  • 877-Y-HELPS-U (943-5778) (Spanish available)

California Statewide Resources For Survivors of Sexual Abuse

One study found that reported incidences of sexual harassment in California are 5% high for women and 10% high for men than the national average. There are approximately 61,760 registered sex offenders in the state, which equals 152 per 100,000 people. These are some of the statewide sexual assault resources. Boucher LLP is not associated with any of the following organizations. As with any important action, do your research and make informed decisions that you feel are best for you after conducting your own research.

California Department of Child Services

If you know or suspect a child has been sexually abused or experienced any form of mistreatment, the child protective services office in your area can help investigate and provide resources for child sexual abuse. 

California Survivor Compensation Board

This organization is the payer of last resort and will help cover costs associated with the sexual abuse crime after other resources like insurance and civil lawsuit awards have been exhausted. Advocates work with survivors throughout the compensation process and can also assist with basic needs for survivors of sexual abuse. 

  • 800-777-9229

Women in Film 

Women in Film is specifically for those in the entertainment industry who have experienced sexual harassment or misconduct. It provides confidential support and resources for sexual assault survivors such as therapy, groups, and pro bono legal help. 

  • 855-943-5463

California Coalition Against Sexual Assault

CALCASA is a membership association of rape crisis centers. Though they do not directly provide crisis intervention services, they advocate for policy changes and the needs of sexual assault survivors across the state. 

  • 916-446-2520

National and International Resources For Sexual Assault Survivors

Sexual abuse can happen anywhere. Nationwide, 81% of women and 43% of men reported experiencing some form of sexual harassment or assault in their lifetime. Many national resources can help you identify local support for sexual assault survivors. Boucher LLP is not associated with any of the following organizations. As with any important action, do your research and make informed decisions that you feel are best for you after conducting your own research

National Sexual Assault Online Hotline 

Receive free, confidential, and secure help at any time. Advocates are there to discuss your situation, provide guidance to local resources, help you understand your legal rights, and start the healing process. 

  • 800-656-HOPE (4673)

National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC)

NSVRC maintains a directory of organizations that lists state and territory resources for sexual assault survivors. This includes sexual assault coalitions, survivor support organizations, and local communities of color sexual assault organizations. 

Male Survivor

This organization exists as a judgment-free resource for survivors of sexual abuse who are male. Male Survivor is an international non-profit that provides guidance throughout the healing process, including assistance with therapy and group support.

Professional Legal Support

If you have decided that you are ready to bring your abuser to justice or would like more information about the legal process and your options, please reach out to the experienced team at Boucher, LLP. We understand the sensitive nature of sexual abuse cases and how difficult it may be to come forward. 

Filing a lawsuit against your abuser can never make up for what you have endured, but meaningful compensation can help you start the healing process. Our attorneys have extensive experience fighting for survivors of sexual abuse. In the past five years, we have recovered over $500 million for our clients. Contact us to schedule your free case consultation.