St. Agatha Catholic Church – Clergy Sexual Abuse in Los Angeles, CA

St. Agatha Catholic Church - Clergy Sexual Abuse

Over the last few decades, allegations of sexual abuse committed by Roman Catholic Church clergy have been the catalyst for a painful reckoning within the Catholic Church worldwide. This includes California and specifically the greater Los Angeles area. 

St. Agatha Catholic Church in Los Angeles is one of many places of worship that has experienced accusations of clergy sexual abuse. Due to the sensitive nature of sexual abuse, countless cases have gone unreported. Recent extensions on the statute of limitations for childhood sexual abuse cases have allowed hundreds of Californians to come forward, seeking justice against the institutions that enabled the abusers and in many cases concealed allegations of abuse. Survivors have a right to pursue legal accountability for what they have endured.  

What Is Church Sexual Abuse?

Many of the most disturbing sexual abuse claims are actions committed against children by trusted members of the church who hold a place of power.  Much like counselors or therapists, clergy members can inappropriately take advantage of those seeking support or guidance.

Sexual misconduct or abuse by clergy occurs when a member of church leadership uses their position of power to lure, exploit, or harm a congregation member. The abuse may be physical or non-physical and include inappropriate or unwanted touching, sexual innuendo, threats, showing pornography, manipulation, and more. 

Church sexual abuse can have devastating long-term effects at any age, but it is particularly damaging when it happens to young children. Survivors often suffer emotional trauma for the rest of their lives and may struggle with maintaining healthy relationships, trusting others, anger management and drug or alcohol abuse. . 

Clergy Sexual Abuse at St. Agatha Catholic Church in Los Angeles

St. Agatha Catholic Church is located at 2646 S Mansfield Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90016. Even if a survivor does not recall the name of their abuser, they usually recall the church where the abuse took place. The inability to recall the name of the abuser often happens for a number of reasons:

  • The survivor was very young at the time the abuse took place; 
  • They intentionally repress memories of the abuse; 
  • Their brain subconsciously represses memories as a mechanism for coping with the trauma of sexual abuse; or
  • The name of the abuser was never made clear. 

St. Agatha Catholic Church has had multiple accusations of clergy sexual abuse over the last several decades. 

  • Father George Neville Rucker was serving at St. Agatha Catholic Church from 1970-1978. He served at a number of different churches for over 40 years, and approximately 38 survivors have come forward alleging Rucker sexual abused them. 
  • Father Nicolas Aguilar Rivera was accused of molesting multiple altar boys during his tenure as a clergy member. He served at St. Agatha Catholic Church in 1988. 
  • Father Honesto Bismonte was accused of multiple accounts of child molestation during both of his assignments following his service at St. Agatha’s from 1982 through 1986. 

If you or a loved one experienced clergy sexual abuse at St. Agatha Catholic Church, you have the power to bring the institutions that enabled and or covered up the abuse to justice  and set the precedent that church sexual abuse will not be tolerated. 

Seeking Justice for Clergy Sexual Abuse 

If you or someone you love is a survivor of church sexual abuse, we encourage you to step forward and take legal action. The professional legal team at Boucher LLP has years of experience helping sexual abuse survivors and understands the courage it takes to stand up for yourself after the abuse has occurred. We are here to support you. Contact us to schedule your free case consultation.