Boucher LLP has filed a civil lawsuit in California State Court for the County of Los Angeles on behalf of a victim of obstetrician Dr. Patrick Mark Sutton and Huntington Memorial a in Pasadena, California.

Plaintiff Jane Doe D.M. was a patient of Dr. Sutton and the Hospital for her first pregnancy and childbirth. Prior to and during her childbirth, Plaintiff alleges that she suffered sexual violence at the hands of Dr. Sutton, including a forced surgical episiotomy, in the sanctuary of the Hospital that she alleges was fully engaged in a cover up of numerous patient complaints against Dr. Sutton regarding his abusive behavior towards pregnant female patients, as well as countless investigations and disciplinary actions by the Medical Board of California. Instead of protecting Plaintiff, among other female patients, Dr. Sutton and the Hospital violated her and destroyed her first birth experience.

Plaintiff alleges she is not alone. Numerous other women have alleged sexual misconduct and violence by Dr. Sutton, including forced, unnecessary episiotomies, and claim that the Hospital did nothing to protect them.

Plaintiff will not suffer in silence or allow other women to potentially suffer harm as patients of Dr. Sutton and Huntington Memorial Hospital. Read the Complaint.