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Boucher LLP aggressively represents clients’ business interests and strives to obtain the best possible results in the most efficient manner.

With years of hard work and sacrifice to slowly build a company, a business has precious commodities at stake in a legal dispute. Matters such as contract breaches or trade secret disputes not only threaten a company’s finances, but may also have secondary consequences for employment relations, business reputation, and commercial prospects. Effective legal representation in business disputes should therefore not only protect the rights of businesses but should also minimize the risks of litigation.

At Boucher LLP, our attorneys use innovative problem-solving that allows us to cost-effectively dispose of cases before trial. If a trial is inevitable, our clients can rely on our impressive track record, aggressive approach and high ethical standards in litigation.

Our team provides nimble legal representation and understands how to move quickly to protect commercially sensitive information and interests. Our business litigation lawyers have handled matters across various industries, and our expertise includes complex breach of contract, fraud, tortious interference with contract and prospective economic advantage, defamation and unfair competition.

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