California Unfair, Unlawful, and Fraudulent Business Practices Lawyers

The experienced attorneys at Boucher LLP can help ensure that businesses large and small will be held accountable for unfair, unlawful, or fraudulent business conduct at consumers’ expense.

Those harmed by such conduct may include consumers or other businesses, and these illegal business practices are in opposition to principles of fair competition. Unfair or fraudulent business practices may include:

  • False advertising
  • Misrepresenting a product or service to customers
  • Conspiring to fix market prices
  • Pretending to be affiliated with or endorsed by a better-known brand
  • Lying about the financial health of a corporation

Robust laws exist to protect both businesses and consumers from these unfair business practices during the sale, purchase or rental of a product, piece of property, or service. Wrongdoers should be held liable when transactions violate these principles. The legal team at Boucher LLP strives to ensure that clients receive compensation for the harms that they suffered.

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