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Boucher LLP is proud to partner with families and communities in the fight to preserve clean and safe air, drinking water, and food.

Pollution, chemical releases, and contamination of drinking water supplies may cause serious injuries, such as dizziness, nausea, difficulty breathing or swallowing, or neurological problems, to name a few. However, the injuries are unique in that they are often difficult to detect—the exposure can occur gradually, without the victim realizing that they are consuming or inhaling a potentially dangerous chemical over time. Proving that such toxins caused a particular injury can therefore be difficult. A successful case may require the testimony of experts such as toxicologists, medical doctors, or chemists.

At Boucher LLP, our legal team has substantial experience with complex and large-scale litigation presenting complex medical scientific, and legal issues. By working closely with members of the medical and scientific profession, our law firm will form a dream team with the expertise necessary to hold polluters responsible for their actions.

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